Are tattoos easy to remove?
No. Think of a tattoo as something what will be on your body forever. Even though you can have a tattoo removed via laser surgery, this is a painful, expensive, and lengthy procedure. If you are having second thoughts, please take your time to think it over. This is a decision not easily reversed.

Is it painful?
There is going to be a certain degree of pain with any tattoo. After getting their first most people tend to think the process wasn’t as painful as they imagined. The area of your body will also have some influence on the degree of pain involved. In general areas with more bone exposed (ankles, wrists, etc), tend to be more painful than areas with more muscle and fat (arms, thighs, etc.).

Can I get tattooed on my face or other highly exposed areas of my body?
We will tattoo you just about anywhere other than your face. There are places you can have facial work done, but do you want to have it there the rest of your life? A tattoo on a publicly viewable area of your body could have a good or adverse affect on your life. It could effect where you can work, the way other people view you, and your self-confidence. While tattoos are more widely accepted by the general public now than twenty years ago, do you want the extra attention, positive or negative that may come from having a tattoo on your face?

How much do tattoos cost?
The cost of a tattoo depends on a lot of different variables. The style of the tattoo, how much detail, sizing and placement are all factors that will affect the cost of your tattoo.

Do you have a shop minimum?
Our shop minimum is $100.

Do I have to have an appointment for a tattoo?
We do accept walk-ins for tattoos but the availability is dependent on our artists’ schedules. Appointments are strongly encouraged.

Why do I need to leave a deposit?
Your deposit is a contract between you and the artist. We honor that contract by completing your artwork, often on our personal time and by reserving time on our schedule for you! Your obligation is to show up, on-time, sober, clean, and ready for the session. When you no-call no-show, we not only lose your payment, but also the others we have turned away in expecting you. NO-CALL NO-SHOW clients will lose their deposit, and are required to leave a new deposit in rescheduling.

Can I have my deposit back if I change my mind?
Unfortunately, our deposits are non-refundable. If you cannot make the appointment you have scheduled, you can always call and reschedule for another time and we will continue to honor the deposit as long as you are on our calendar. If you decide against getting a tattoo altogether, we will honor your deposit for other services, such as a piercing, or merchandise such as jewelry, aftercare, or T-shirts.

Do I have to have a consultation prior to scheduling an appointment?
Consultations are only required for large scale designs, such as sleeves, all cover ups, and custom designs.

Will you pierce minors?
We do pierce minors. We do ear lobes on 3+, cartilage piercings on 10+, other body piercings on 12+, and genitals and nipples 18+ ONLY. We do require parent/guardian present and proper identification for both parties.

What are acceptable forms of identification?
All clients are required to have a valid state issued ID card, learners permit, driver license, military ID, or passport. Birth certificates are only accepted for minors which must be accompanied by a parent’s ID. In the event of guardianship, we do require the court ordered guardianship documents accompanied by an accepted form of ID for both the minor and the guardian.

Do I need an appointment for a piercing?
No, piercings are done on a walk-in basis. We have a piercer in 7 days a week unless posted on our Facebook page. If you have a piercing, such as kids ears that you’d like to have both done at the same time, call ahead to find out the next time we will have 2 piercers available.